Perito can fulfill your company’s human resource needs from providing training to managing the entire HR department for companies small and large. Unlike other HR consulting firms, our consultants provide comprehensive, turn-key solutions to help companies stay compliant with HR requirements.

Key Resources:

  • Professionals Dedicated to providing expertise and resources in all aspects of Human Resources including management, recruitment and retention.
  • Relief from compliance burdens and administrative duties that drain your valuable time.
  • Complete benefits solutions and administration.
  • Comprehensive employer liability management to minimize employment-related liabilities.
  • Unlike some HR outsourcing solutions that try a piece meal approach, Perito can handle the majority of your businesses HR needs all in one place, with one team of experts.

“Businesses that Work with Perito Improve Profitability, Increase Productivity, Limit Liability and Streamline Labor Costs”.

  • Outsourcing Delivers a Valuable Partnership

Beyond the expertise, resources and tools we provide, you will have a true Human Resources Partner who knows you and your staff on a personal basis, understands the needs of your organization, and is dedicated to helping you reach your strategic goals. 

Each of our clients has one primary point of contact, a certified HR specialist, backed by a team of professionals dedicated to your group. No voice mail runaround. No uncertainty. You deal with the same people every time you work with your support team at Perito. 

Your team at Perito knows you, your employees, and is dedicated to addressing your needs professionally, promptly, and with complete confidentiality. 

Your Perito Team:

  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Employee Benefits Administrator
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Personnel Records Supervisor
  • Compliance Manager
  • EPF & ESI Manager
  • Client Service Representative

Workers’ Compensation Manager