Recruiting and retaining high quality candidates and clients in a competitive environment is a crucial characteristic of a prosperous recruitment business. Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can often provide the support for such a critical business need. However, the key lies in finding a specialized recruitment outsourcing business whose methodology and values complement that of your own agency.

Being one of the leading RPO providers in India, Perito has developed a partnership approach with a focus on measurable and sustainable results which keep you in control. By helping to streamline the recruitment process and introduce well organized practices, businesses can increase the efficiency of their hiring procedure while significantly reducing overhead costs.

With Perito, you can forget standard definitions of “recruitment outsourcing.” For us, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means: partnering with an expert to design and execute a customized process in order to deliver exceptional business results. Working together collaboratively and seamlessly, we will transform your organization’s approach to talent acquisition and talent management.

Our dedicated recruitment teams are made up of proactive and passionate talent experts – individuals who are committed to finding the talent you need. Embedded within your internal team and backed by the industry’s most advanced, integrated technology platforms, WE BECOME YOU. We work as one coordinated unit to instill necessary change and strengthen your strategic advantage.

We are expert at what we do, and offer complete client satisfaction by ensuring affordability and data confidentiality.

What sets us apart from most RPO firms is that we employ a dedicated resource model. This means there is no conflict of interest with other clients because our recruiters are only working for your company..

·Is RPO solution for you?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is about developing a relationship with your outsourcing company. It’s not about just paying someone to source some candidates; it’s more about understanding where support is required within your company and helping you to utilize your strengths more efficiently. Outsourcing your recruitment work can allow you to boost your company brand and assist you to find the best talent possible, thereby improving your relationship with your own clients.

 You understand quality talent is the key to success. We understand what it takes to deliver the very best.