In-Country HR Outsourcing Services in India

Secure HR Outsourcing:

HR outsourcing is the contracting of core or non-core HR (Human Resource) functions to an external specialist like Perito. During the contract period, one or more experienced and qualified HR consultants will be based for a certain number of hours/days in the client’s office to perform the job.

Perito’s expert HR consultants work hand-in-hand with the client’s HR team to deliver specific and fixed objectives within the agreed period of time.

Perito can fulfil your company’s varied human resource requirements from providing training to running the entire HR department for all companies small and large. Unlike other HR consulting firms, our consultants provide complete, turn-key solutions to help corporations stay compliant with labour law requirements.

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Components of our Human Resource Outsourcing Process:-

  • Client’s Human Resource Needs Evaluation.
  • Complete Payroll Outsourcing.
  • Audit and Compliance Outsourcing.
  • Performance Management System.
  • Employee Productivity Management.
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention.
  • Employee Induction Programs.
  • Benefits Management
  • Recruitment, Training, and Development
  • Employee Engagement.
  • HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
  • HR Policy Framework & Implementation

Outsourcing Delivers a Valuable Partnership 

Other than the expertise, resources and tools top HR Outsourcing companies provide, you will have a real Human Resources Partner who knows you and your team on a personal basis, understands the specific and specified needs of your organization, and is committed to helping you reach your strategic goals. 

Perito is counted among the Top Human Resource Outsourcing companies in India, offering the best HR outsourcing services to its clients.

Each of our clients has a single primary point of contact, a specialized and experienced HR expert, backed by a team of professionals devoted to your group. No voice mail run-around, no constant follow ups, no ambiguity. You deal with the same people every time you work with your support team at Perito. 

Your team at Perito knows you, your workers, and is committed to addressing your needs professionally, on time, and with complete confidentiality.

Your Perito Team:

  • Human Resources Expert.
  • Recruitment Advisor.
  • Staff Benefits Administrator.
  • Payroll Manager.
  • Personnel Records Administrator.
  • Compliance Administrator.
  • EPF& ESI Administrator.
  • Customer Service Representative.
  • Employees Compensation Manager.


Data Security:

You take your employee data seriously, and so do we. We understand the importance of Data Security.

Information security is a critical part of our HR outsourcing service.We ensure our clients enjoy the highest level of data protection.

The scope of work for Human Resource outsourcing is different for every client, below are the HR services that can be outsourced:                                    

HR Strategy:           

Perito provides a well-designed HR strategy to its clients. A well-designed Human Resource (HR) strategy is the roadmap for achieving company growth objectives through development and retention of talents. The HR (Human Resource) strategy plan covers an Executive Value Proposition, people development tactics, implementation plan, timeline etc.

HR Operations:

On-boarding: A very important process where new hires are oriented on the work expectations, attitudes and company culture, in order to prepare them for the new job assignments quickly. On-boarding programs can be comprehensive to cover the objectives of long term employee retention, or it can be ‘best-in-class’ of each industry. Our entire process consists of necessary pre-employment checks; preparation of offer letters, induction briefing and HR documentation process.

Management of labour relations, compliance, HR policies and processes. Implementation of HR policies in the Employee Handbook, administration of labour contracts and maintaining cordial employees’ relationships.

HR data administration and personnel record keeping:

Procurement of critical HR services which could include payroll, claims and benefits administration, and additional medical & life insurance.

HR Advisory:

HR Advisory services can be a one-off project or provided on a long-term retainer basis.  Perito’s world class HR consulting team are known leaders in their field of work with substantial achievements throughout their career.

The scope of HR advisory and consulting projects is usually drawn up by separate agreements with their own fee basis.


Recruitment can be for both executive and non-executive positions, permanent or contract staffing. The scope of work under recruitment consists of job candidates search, background verification, pre-client interview screening and hiring administration.

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Key Resources:

  • Professionals committed to providing expertise and resources in all facets of HR, including management, recruitment and retention.
  • Relief from compliance burdens and organizational duties that can drain your valuable time.
  • Comprehensive benefit solutions and administration.
  • Comprehensive employer liability management to reduce employment-related liabilities.
  • Unlike some HR outsourcing solutions that try a bit-by-bit method, we can handle the majority of your company’s HR needs all in one place with a single team of experts.
  • “Businesses that Work with Perito Increase Profitability, Improve Productivity, Limit Liability and Streamline Labour Charges”.


Are you searching for the best HR outsourcing company in India? Out of all HR solutions companies in India, Perito is a top-rated Human resource services firm. 

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