Our Recruiters:

We’re the recruiters looking for YOU. Our promise is to always give jobseekers impartial advice with openness, integrity and honesty.

Our Recruiting Team:

Our skilled and experienced team of recruiters are an extension of your hr department, not your vendor.

When it comes to Talent Acquisition, the search and recruitment team plays an important role. After all, they’re the ones taking care of the identification, attraction, and selection of top talent. At Perito recruitment agency, we have a team of multi-disciplinary recruitment professionals and head-hunters with extensive experience and deep industry knowledge to help job seekers and companies.

We have specialist recruiters and head-hunters to take care of client’s Corporate Staffing (Recruitment, Executive Search, Contract Staffing, Temporary Staffing and Staff Augmentation) and IT Staffing (IT Recruitment, IT Contract Staffing and IT Manpower Outsourcing) needs.

Perito Staffing is one of the leading recruitment agencies and head-hunters in India that specialises in bridging the gap between highly accomplished professionals and your organisation.

Our team of recruiters have substantial experience and boast a keen analytical eye for identifying the best performers in the industry on the lookout for jobs with industry experts, and will assist you throughout your hiring process. Our search and recruitment experts are able to tailor the search for a profile to the exact needs your organization may require.

Perito only uses experienced and passionate search & recruitment experts who are specialists in their industry

Benefits of hiring our recruiters:

  • Our experienced and skilled recruiters have the expertise and tools needed to recruit the right people fast.
  • Our recruiters and head-hunters bring recruitment tooling, proven recruitment and staffing processes, and industry knowledge to the table.
  • Our Perito recruiting team is made up of passionate professionals who work to identify talented individuals and—just as important—to find the opportunities that will allow them to grow and prosper.
  • Our recruiters and head-hunters have a wealth of experience and comprehensive talent networks in their area of specialization, supported by a skilled management and shared services team.
  • When it comes to your recruitment and staffing needs, experience and expertise in the recruitment industry and industry knowledge matters. Our leadership and advisory team have over 160+ years of combined experience in the Recruitment and Staffing Industry. We are a group of highly entrepreneurial individuals that are passionate about growing an ethically-driven, forward-thinking specialist recruitment and staffing business.
  • We constantly deliver a quality recruitment and staffing service above and beyond our client’s expectations.
  • Our recruitment team consists of dedicated professionals who have on average over 10+ years of recruitment and staffing experience.
  • Our expert search & recruitment consultants and head-hunters will share industry knowledge and insights across the recruitment market to assist with your recruitment and hiring decisions.
  • Our recruitment team will deliver the best candidate with the right skills, commitment, experience, personality and cultural fit for your role.


  • Commitments common to each Perito recruiter.
  • A commitment to the highest standards of sincerity and integrity.
  • A commitment of personal and professional service.
  • A commitment of delivery in a selected specialist sector.
  • Focus on solutions, not problems.

What Our Team Uniquely Offers Our Clients:

  • Access to a Pan INDIA network.
  • The agility of a smaller firm.
  • A rigorous, proprietary search technique and methodology.
  • Senior-level, industry-respected recruiting talent.
  • Give and receive honest feedback.

Our recruiters and head-hunters are experts in our industries of operation, we offer 360º recruitment and staffing services for companies and job-seekers seeking new opportunities for growth and development.

Here at Perito Staffing, we have a diversified pool of recruiters and head-hunters forming our recruitment agency team. Each recruiter and head-hunter composing our organization plays a big role in carrying out our recruitment and staffing services for client companies and job seekers.

With each recruiter possessing their own unique skills and expertise, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

This diverse set of individuals are reflections of Perito’s core values of commitment, dedication, communication, and trust, coming together to help companies and candidates.

As recruitment market experts, we are up to date in collating fresh industry insights that can support jobseekers in their career journey, as well as companies who are looking to evaluate their hiring strategies. Through the years, we are proud to have amassed a proven track record of successful relationships with both clients and jobseekers through our collaborative process.

Highly qualified, experienced and with great track records -our recruitment consultants and head-hunters are the company’s biggest asset. Our recruiters and head-hunters have the prominent portfolios of proven sources, connections and networks, as well as thorough training in the latest search techniques, methodologies and technology. We believe in building stronger teams by offering quality candidates through a technology driven recruitment and staffing solution that engages a large pool of independent staffing agencies to source experienced candidates with specified skillset. Every candidate who applies for a recruiter job in Perito, has to go through a stringent filtering process and is validated by our experienced talent acquisition team.

Our success depends on the strength of our recruitment and staffing team. As ethical and honest recruiters and staffing agency in India, we are totally committed to leading the staffing industry.

Our recruiters and head-hunters use an innovative approach that allows them to find recruitment and staffing solutions for industries that are experiencing acute skill shortages. Our expert recruitment consultant and head-hunter will share industry knowledge and insights across the recruitment market to assist with your recruitment and hiring decisions.

Our search & recruitment consultants work with you to set expectations. The fact is, a Ferrari is cool… but perhaps a Ford Focus is what you are truly in need of. Then there is no need to worry. One of the exceptional services we can offer is the ability to help you level-set. Our recruiters will work with you from the inception of every search to define the ideal candidate, compensation, and benchmarks for whatsoever position you desire to fill. Our prime objective is to deliver employees that will provide you with new levels of organizational performance and expertise.

Our passion for the staffing industry means we form robust and lasting client and candidate relationships, consistently exceeding expectations, and of course offering the very best recruitment staff to work with and for you.

Let our experienced and qualified recruitment consultants and executive head-hunters in India keep you company throughout your recruitment journey. Connect with us to find out more, or discover exciting job opportunities to help propel your career today!