Perito’s provides a permanent, first-rate, professional recruitment service in all markets where we specialize. We rigorously follow a total quality management program which requires a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process.  It includes a comprehensive assignment briefing and fully validated testing measures, along with psychometric assessments and behavioral interview methods.  Extensive reference checking permits us to select and refer only those candidates with the highest talent ideally matched to your needs. The permanent staffing project includes sourcing and initial screening of aspirants as well as coordinating of interviews with the client. The most important part of the project is a good understanding of the job description, the kind of person the client is looking for and the work culture of the client to guarantee that we recommend only those people who fit the bill. Each client assignment is led by an experienced recruitment consultant who has extensive recruiting knowledge. We are responsible for the whole process so that you can focus on achieving your business objectives and do not have to worry about the staffing process.

Our Recruitment Process

Our process is streamlined to decrease your workload, and allow us to fill the position with the best-suited candidate quickly and cost-effectively.

We begin with a detailed discussion with you to ensure that we completely understand your organization, culture and vision. At this time, the technical requirements of the role are deliberated to ensure a thorough understanding of the best candidate for the job. We will keep you informed during the course of the entire recruitment process, and will offer guidance and suggestions as required.

We then get to work to find the perfect candidate for the role. First, prospective Applicants are contacted, prescreened, interviewed (see ‘Competency Based Interviewing’ section below), and skill and reference checked.

We believe in simple, honest staffing solutions where our organized search processes consistently deliver, on time and within budget.

 Competency Based Interviewing

Our Recruitment Consultants are extremely experienced in conducting Competency Based Interviewing.

Our Consultants will have a set of pre-planned questions to ask each Candidate. For every question, the answers provide positive and negative indicators.  The results help remove the risk attached to making an expensive wrong hire.

Candidates are given the chance to market themselves for the role in the more traditional way but most will find this type of interviewing much more interactive and entertaining, and it is likely that the interviewer will be able to encourage aspirants to be much more open than in a traditional interview.

Our Database

We maintain comprehensive databases to facilitate:

  • Middle & Senior Grade positions.
  • Customized Service according to job descriptions, organization culture, and so on.
  • Market Charting.
  • TAT of 24 Hours.
  • Segregation of CVs.
  • Candidate Valuations for quick delivery.

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