Top Recruitment agencies acts as a bridge between jobseekers and employers. They work on behalf of employers to find suitable talent and to fill their job vacancies with the best possible talent.

Being a leading manpower recruitment agency in India, our recruitment process follows a step-by-step system for identifying and hiring best candidates with right education, experience and skill who can help your business grow.

To find the right candidates for the open positions, our recruiters and head-hunters commonly use latest and innovative applicant tracking system (ATS), conduct screening and technical interviews and use other evaluation tactics.

Importance of our recruitment process:

Our Customised Recruitment Helps in Hiring Best Candidates: the entire recruiting process involves the HR manager to search and shortlist candidates with the right education, skills and experience.

Saves Time and Money on Hiring: an effective recruiting process can help save a business both time and money. A streamlined process can fill vacant positions faster than a cumbersome one can. Also, without a proper process, organisations miss out on qualified candidates who may lose interest because of the delay in recruitment.

Connects with candidates for future job openings: even if the HR team selects a different candidate, they can always stay in contact with other qualified candidates presented by Perito who did not receive the job offer.

Cuts down time spent on training: a structured recruiting process will ensure that your company hires the right candidate with the right education, experience and skills. Qualified candidates with right kind of e\experience does not need much formal training to start their work. No amount of training is going to help if you have employees in jobs they basically don’t like.

Helps your company grow: through our customised and dedicated recruitment process, your company can hire qualified and skilled candidates who can contribute to the growth of your company. For example, correct process can hire a pool of experienced and skilful business development executives to drive sales and connect with new clients.

Helps hire candidates who are right culture fit: our effective and efficient recruitment process can help you determine if the candidate shares the same values and principles as your company does. An employee who is a correct culture fit is happier and more engaged. This means less employee turnover and increase in the retention rate.

Here’s a quick guide on the recruitment process you can typically expect from Perito- One of the best Placement Agencies in India.

Step 1 – Profiling | Recruitment planning phase

For us the first step to recruiting the right people is knowing exactly the type of employee our client needs. Our recruitment process begins by identifying your hiring needs.

In Profiling our recruitment consultants identify the hiring need within the client company and create a job description for each vacant position. Our recruitment consultants will gather as much information on the role they are hiring, for example, what roles and responsibilities will the successful candidate have? What skills, experience, education or abilities are required for the role and where does this role fit in with the wider structure of our client company.

Step 2-Strategy development phase

The next step in our recruitment process involves devising a strategy for recruiting the most qualified candidate for the open position. In this phase, our recruitment team determines the source of recruitment.

Step 3 – Searching | Searching phase

The searching phase involves actively seeking new candidates to fill vacant positions. There are numerous ways to source the ideal candidates for the roles such as our own personal and propriety database, promoting the vacancy online, job portals, social media platforms etc. Headhunting on LinkedIn is also very popular with recruiters and head hunters.

Step 3 – Identifying Viable Candidates

Searching for suitable candidates with right skillset is only half the battle. What makes our recruiters and head-hunters so popular with companies is their ability and expertise to source highly qualified individuals that may or may not be on the job market. Anybody can find candidates, however, the calibre of candidates we are able to source for the client company are second to none and takes a lot more work than you think.

Step 4 Telephone Screening | Screening phase:

The screening phase involves shortlisting best suitable candidates from a pool of applications or resumes. For screening candidates, our recruitment consultants review the CVs and profile summaries to separate the qualified candidates from the unqualified candidates. When reviewing a CV, our recruiters and head-hunters go through their educational qualification, experience, skills and career progression to make an informed choice.

When the correct applicants have been identified, and are very much interested in the offered position, the first screening interview will take place. Based on the role our recruiters ask various questions and look for a response that showcases the skills, experience and ability to handle stress of the candidate. Also, our recruiters use these responses and information from the interview to select the best-fit candidate for open positions.

Once candidates clear the first screening round, second screening round by senior manager takes place.

Step 5 The Interview |Interviewing and selection phase:

Interview day is the big day and candidate finally gets a chance to meet the potential employer. Client interview can be simple process, or can be drawn out over weeks with first and second stages. Client companies /employers will also run background checks and reference checks

6 An Offer | Job offer phase

Once the candidate presented by us has been deemed suitable and has cleared all the interview rounds and been offered a position, the process of job offer-negotiation will then start. This is essentially where our recruiters will use their bargaining and negotiation skills and go back and forth with the client to settle the exact salary, bonuses, allowances and any other benefits and benefits that can be squeezed in. Our experience recruiters and head hunters use external market benchmarks to ensure the best deal is met and the job offer is a win-win for everyone.

The offer letter should provide all the details like the start date, performance expectations, compensation, perks and benefits, bonuses, incentives, working hours and work-related policies.

Step 7 Joining the Company

The job offer is now closed and the candidate has been given a start date. However, our recruiter’s job is not over yet. We at Perito are proud of our relationships and our recruiters will continue to make the candidate/new employee feel wanted until they officially join the client company.

8 Evaluation phase

The last and very important step in our recruitment process is analysing the effectiveness of our recruiting method. In this stage, we in consultations with client company determine if client company is satisfied with the candidates it has hired. Also, consider the cost-effectiveness of our current recruiting process and if there are any ways to improve our current recruitment process.

For an in-depth evaluation of our recruiting methods, client companies can conduct a statistical analysis. It will help client companies to evaluate the cost and time they spent on recruiting a candidate through us. They can also use qualitative measures like surveys to ask hiring managers about their experience with our recruitment process. Based on the survey results, we can change the recruitment process and improve it for future recruitments.

As one of the leading recruitment agencies In India, our primary goal is to provide Recruitment Consultancy Services that is second to none to both candidate and client.

How do we do this?

Compilation of your wish list

  • What calibre of candidates are you trying to attract?
  • What qualifications & experience do you need?
  • The personality and attitude of the candidate?
  • Finding the ideal candidate

               Extensive search of Perito’s candidate database and Premier Job Portals (Mining of internal databases and using our widespread professional network to reach out to the right candidate as per specifications)

  • Job advertising
  • Screening – CV, telephone and face to face
  • Document checking
  • Skills and ability testing
  • References
  • Candidate assessments
  • The next step
    • Presentation of suitable candidates
    • Organisation and planning of interviews, start dates etc
    • Liaison between your business and all candidates