Telecom Industry

We can safely consider that the telecom industry is the centre for digital growth and will continue to play the role of a disruptor. The big players of telecom industry have potential for growth and high profits in the coming years.

However, most of the companies find it difficult to attract and retain skilled workers.54% telecom companies globally face talent shortage.

Telecom Recruitment Services

Often, your talent requirements may be very specific and hard to find; this is where Perito’s industry expertise and market knowledge proves to be priceless.

We have access to the best talent available in the job market; this includes access to candidates that are actively seeking work, as well as skilled talent that is currently employed elsewhere.

As a top telecommunications recruiters, we work closely with telecommunications companies to meet their specific needs and find the most qualified and skilled candidates for the position. Over the years our emphasis at Perito has been in developing our specialist telecoms recruitment agency capabilities.

Leading companies choose Perito- Recruitment Consultant for Telecom Industry Consultants, as their preferred recruitment agency for Telecommunications industry in India.

Perito works in the people business, and we never forget it.

As a leading Telecoms recruitment agency, our Telecommunication recruitment agency practice covers following core market sectors:

  • Service Providers
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Network & IT Vendors
  • Telecommunication equipments manufacturers
  • Retail & Distribution

Perito: Top Staffing Agency for the Telecommunications Industry

Perito has a long standing network of vetted staffers with extensive experience in the Telecom industry due to our commitment to ongoing networking with telecom and IT industry professionals.

Perito is a leading Recruitment Agency for Telecom Industry.Our telecom staffing agencies recruiters are from the same background.We have identified and placed telecoms executives in numerous telecom jobs. In nutshell, Perito is acknowledged as a leading telecom staffing agency in India.

Perito: Top Recruitment Agency for the Telecommunications Industry

We are one of the best telecom recruitment agencies. Our Telecom Recruitment Consultants are committed to understanding the diverse skill sets and identifying the talented individuals that the modern telecommunications industry requires. With more than 12 years of experience connecting top telecommunications talent with viable and growing employers, we stand uniquely placed to help your business meet its own staffing needs,from skilled and hard to find technical employees to telecommunications engineers and C-level executives.

Perito has a successful track record of recruiting personnel in all the sectors of the Telcom industry. We have expertise in LCR, systems integration, carrier, mobile, CTI, call center, networking, internet services, PBX, etc. Our team of telecom recruiters has an acute knowledge of the industry and can help you find the right technical support staff. Our team is efficient in servicing both manufacturing and network operations.

We regularly place people in the following areas:

  • Senior Management
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Technical
  • Customer Service
  • Billing Systems
  • Business Development
  • Account Managers
  • Business Development Executives
  • New Business Development Executives
  • Dealer Managers
  • Channel Managers
  • CEO’s
  • Managing Directors
  • Sales Directors
  • Sales Executives
  • Area Sales Managers
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • National Managers
  • Sales Executive
  • Software Engineers
  • Accounts Executive
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Project Co-Ordinator
  • Technical Writer/ Documenter
  • Senior Pre sales Consultant
  • MIS Analyst
  • Senior Technical Consultant
  • Senior C++ Development Engineer
  • Applications Specialist
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Senior Tester
  • Senior J2EE Analyst Programmer
  • Data Architect

Why Us:

  • Competence in handling a big database of Telecom professionals
  • Offering our esteemed services in telecommunications to fulfill the needs of our clients
  • We strive to deliver the best personnel in the telecom industry.
  • As a telecom staffing company, we believe in working closely with the companies and professionals from the industry to comprehend their requirements.
  • We have a team of experienced staffing experts, who deal in specific sectors and have an acute knowledge of the industry.
  • Our recruitment team is dedicated to providing the staffing solutions as per the requirements of our clients.
  • Exclusive experience in handling positions in all the sectors of the Telecom industry.
  • We are amongst the leading telecom staffing agencies that have a proven track record of providing the best engineers and technical support staff in the telecom industry.
  • Short Term and Long term Cost Saving

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