Staffing agencies came to fruition back in the 1940s. World War II was in full swing and required many working men and women to leave and fight the good fight. As soldiers vacated positions, they left businesses struggling back at home to find good labor. Soon after, companies formed that began recruiting to fill the empty posts, and once the war ended, the companies continued to find new positions for the displaced soldiers. Accordingly, staffing agencies and the business of recruiting and hiring work was born. 

Staffing services are still in as much need now as they were then. Today, they offer beyond merely filling a position. 

This article will discuss some of the top questions and answers about recruitment and staffing agencies and uncover some of their unsung benefits. 

What Does a Staffing Company Do?

Staffing agencies will do the groundwork for an organization when they need to find good employees. They recruit, hire, and manage temporary or permanent positions for an organization. They further:

  • Vet candidates by reviewing employment history and qualifications
  • Find the most qualified individuals based on given criteria
  • Conduct interviews
  • Let you, the employer, make the final hiring decision

The staffing agency works as an intermediary. They handle the tedious hiring process to save an organization valuable time and effort. 

How Helpful are Staffing Agencies to an Organization?

In a tight job market, it becomes increasingly difficult to find good talent. Staffing agencies and recruitment services help organizations find qualified individuals who will add value to their business. 

What Benefits are Provided by a Staffing Agency?

Staffing agencies or recruitment services save organizations time, and money. 

  • They have experience and background information in your industry
  • Quickly hire the best talent
  • Offer flexibility and leaner operations 
  • Reduce risk and liabilities for an organization

What Services are Provided by a Staffing Agency?

Depending on the staffing agency, they can be your one-stop shop to outsource recruitment, contract staffing, or permanent staffing. 

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
    • A comprehensive, external recruitment service to handle all or part of a business’s workforce hiring
  • Contract Staffing
    • Find hand-picked, vetted contractors for temporary positions during projects, to meet seasonal requirements, and to reduce employment during slow periods
  • Permanent Staffing
    • Provide recruitment, sourcing, initial screening, and coordinating interviews to find the most fitting staff to fill a permanent position 

Staffing agencies, such as Perito, also provide services such as payrolling, contract-to-hire, HR outsourcing, and payroll processing outsourcing.

What Role Does a Permanent Staffing Agency Play?

With extensive recruitment knowledge and a background in various industries, a permanent staffing agency will recruit, source, screen, and interview candidates. They work with organizations to ensure they have the tools and information they need to find the most qualified staff. A permanent staffing agency takes care of the entire hiring process, up until the hiring organization makes the final decision to hire an aspiring candidate. 

How do I choose a Staffing Service?

With many staffing services available, it’s essential to:

  • Review the firm’s reputation
  • Find a firm that specializes in your industry
  • Determine your staffing needs and budget
  • Evaluate costs of the staffing agency
  • Examine the staffing agency’s recruitment and screening process

Key Takeaways:

A staffing and recruitment agency offer an organization the ability to save time, effort, and money. They take care of the time-consuming hiring process and find the best, often overqualified, individuals to fulfill an organization’s hiring needs.