Perito is India’s leading recruitment agency in contract staffing and permanent staffing, providing organizations of all sizes with a continuum of recruitment and staffing solutions.

We have become the partner of many multinationals and leading companies, establishing and expanding their businesses in India. Our aim as a topmost recruitment agency is to help an employer find and hire top talent for their company.

Our knowledge and experience has made us the recruitment and staffing agency of choice for organizations all throughout India.


  • The simple answer as to why companies use our staffing services is – hiring through Perito –India’s top recruitment agency, helps companies reduce amount of time and costs by identifying and enticing talent, and then negotiate terms, and due to the resources available with us, we produce extremely effective results.
  • One of the Leading Recruitment Agencies in India, we’re specialists in creating effective contract and permanent staffing solutions for a range of industries.
  • Our recruiters have always taken a different recruitment approach to other recruitment agencies, our sourcing and screening strategy enables us to stand out from the crowd.
  • We have access to the best talent available in the market; this includes access to candidates that are actively seeking job, as well as talent that is currently employed elsewhere.
  • We save your business time because we take care of the initial steps in the recruitment process. No more sifting through applications and resumes, we will ensure that the time your HR spends in the application process is spent wisely on viewing those worth considering.
  • Our industry expertise and experienced recruitment consultants can assist you in finding professionals who possess precisely the skills required to advance your business. We don’t see ourselves as recruiters, but as advisors. And this is because we look forward to investing our expertise into our clients’ long-term success. These clients hire us — and return to us for future searches — for our perspective, not just to “find someone.” At Perito, there is no “junior” talent. We don’t have “yes men” who will nod in agreement to a precarious decision. Our senior level staff is resolute on being sincere and truthful with our clients. We are readily available to offer the best solution possible. We are and will remain dedicated to the needs of our clients, thus, we’ll not take on more task than our senior team can personally handle.
  • Since our beginnings, the Perito has grown immensely in the spirit of providing professional recruitment and staffing services with a personal touch and exceeding the expectations of our clients across India.
  • We understand that just as we have difference in personality, so is every business – and we are committed to sourcing and providing the best-suited individuals according to your specific business requirements. That is the reason our clients consider us best recruitment consultancy in India.
  • Like any other Top Recruitment Agencies in India, we can tell you what the job market currently looks like. We will also let you know how to best achieve your recruitment and staffing needs.
  • Our team is dedicated to providing a tailor-made service meeting the requirements of your business and encompassing a full range of human resource services including the sourcing, recruitment and induction of staff, payroll and human resource management. With a luxury of experience in the recruitment industry, our consultants fully understand the needs and challenges of their clients, their competition and the current market situation. This in-depth understanding of the industry with the commitment to customer satisfaction is just one of the features that separate us from other top recruitment consultancies throughout India. Our name prominently features in the list of top placement agencies in India.
  • If you are an employer, we will help you to ease your recruitment and staffing problems. Whether you need to mass hire or have an urgent position to fill, Perito will work to your requirements.

Why should you work with Perito-the best recruitment agency in India:

  • We have Access to better Talent:

We have access to larger talent networks. We have access to larger talent networks.

Unlike most companies who only have access to LinkedIn and Facebook, Perito leans on multiple sources—including our own propriety platforms, in many cases—to glean as much of the top talent as possible. Recruitment consultants at Perito aren’t afraid to headhunt for the best candidates either. It’s not uncommon for our head hunters to successfully woo top passive talent from other companies.


  • Hiring our Services means Better Final Candidates and Hires:

Unfortunately, when companies pursue the wrong candidate for any opening through the hiring process, the perfect candidate you passed up earlier in the process and was ignored may already be onboarding with your competitor.

Worse yet—companies might actually go as far as to hire a dishonest and fraudulent candidate without knowing. In a recent survey, top employers reported that 30 % of bad hires were due to candidates lying about their qualifications and work experience. Our recruiters and head-hunters are hiring experts with vast industry knowledge. Not only do our recruiters and headhunters have more time to vet candidates thoroughly—they also have the vast and relevant experience and expertise to better identify red flags.

As a result, when our team of recruiters and head-hunters hands over their top finds, you can be certain that you have received properly vetted candidates who meet the criteria you set forth.


  • Our Services Saves you Time and Money:

When companies handle hiring internally, they can lose time and money on multiple obvious and not so obvious fronts.

First of all, there’s the time spent searching and vetting candidates.

A single job opening attracts anywhere between100 to 500 resumes. As an owner or HR executive/manager, it’s likely that you’re juggling more important day-to-day responsibilities and that your precious time is better spent elsewhere.

Even when companies hand off hiring duties to another employee, they are now paying that employee top dollar to find their next hire.

Companies also lose precious time and money when they make a bad hire. Even putting the lack of productivity aside, there’s the time and effort spent trying to retrain or rehabilitate a bad hire before ultimately parting ways.

Not to mention, turnover is very costly as well. Recent industry survey shows that losing a senior or executive level employee costs approximately 218% of that individual’s salary.

When you work with a top recruitment agency like Perito, these concerns become nonissues and irrelevant. It’s incumbent on the recruitment and staffing agency like Perito to find your next great hire—that’s their area of expertise and why companies count on recruitment and staffing agency like Perito to hire their next top employee.

Unlike most employers who only have access to LinkedIn, recruiting agencies lean on multiple sources—including their own platforms, in many cases—to glean as much of the top talent as possible.

The Perito Difference:

One of the best Placement Agencies in India, Perito is the only executive search firm that combines unparalleled research capabilities, truly personalized service, and creative agility. That’s the Perito value-added approach. Our consultants are specialist in their practice areas, highly responsive and eager to solve problems. Perito will tailor solutions to fit your unique situation.

It’s very hard to find candidates, never mind the high-quality experienced candidates you require. With our recruiter’s and head-hunter’s professional experience and deep industry Knowledge, you can improve the quality of the candidates. The vast pool of talent that comes with Perito-Best recruitment agency in India, means you’ll gain access to high quality vetted candidates.

Perito: Your Specialist IT Recruitment Partner

At Perito, we pride ourselves on providing a specialist recruitment and staffing solution for IT and tech companies across India looking to grow their teams, powered by business requirements and internal culture.

Three Month Guarantee

Our clients are offered a highly personal and professional service. Above all, we will never sacrifice our quality, commitment or level of service.

We stand firmly behind our work with a powerful, but notably simple guarantee. Should a candidate leave within three months of the completion of the search, we will hire another employee for no additional professional service fee. Of course, as exceptional as our guarantee is, it is very seldom used.


One of the best Placement Agencies in India, Perito utilizes a proprietary technology that integrates project management and database functionality to support our search process ultimately.

Searching for a candidate with right skill set is very complex, expensive and time-consuming process. We employ best-of-breed technologies, databases, and online tools to further our ability to provide our clients with top leadership.

Unparalleled Research

Our research department conducts a thorough investigation and market analysis to identify individuals who are contributing to the success of associate organizations.

This is achieved by performing in-depth direct sourcing of target industries, as well as, organizational charts/mapping of competitive companies. We dedicate a considerable number of resources to every assignment, and by approaching the hiring process with a strategy going in; we succeed ultimately in transforming minds and optimizing the decision process.