5 Ways Your Company Drives Away the Best Talents While Hiring

 Most companies prefer experienced candidates, but then how can a fresher get a job? And, were experienced candidates experienced from the beginning? Remember, every artist was once an amateur and every successful employee was once a newbie. It is true that some people are born with greater abilities, but without hard work and practicing their skills, nothing will be easy. So, companies should give new talents a chance to shine. But, now the question is, how can companies choose the right candidates in this competitive world?

Many companies look for good talents, only a few of them are able to hire the right candidates and that too because of their right approach. The same dilemma may also be with you in choosing the best candidate for your company. There may be a chance that your company is distancing itself from the talent pool by making improper judgements.

If you are unable to gauge candidates based on their resumes, then your first and important priority will be to draw out the real talent within them using your experience. You can also outsource the recruitment team to streamline the hiring process.

Here are the reasons how your company drive the best talents away during hiring:

Long Application Process

Nowadays, every company have their career portal. Anyone can share their resumes through it. The role of the recruiter here is to sort it according to their requirements. Finding a perfect resume from the database is a difficult and time taking job. Even though some recruiters find it, their screening process takes days. We know that in this corporate world, the hunt for good talent is competitive and we shouldn’t’t delay in our processes. Such a delay can make candidates accept offers from your competitors.

Hiring Team Communication Gap with The Candidate

There are many third-party recruitment companies. They sort candidates based on their abilities and share it with the companies for which they work. But not everyone is good at selecting the right talent for your company. If your ally is not good enough to pass the profile information, then there are chances that the candidate may not join you.

A talented candidate always searches for good pay and a friendly working environment. Initial discussion about the job profile leads to increased excitement in the candidate, but if the job role is not explicitly stated, the candidate may feel a lack of interest in the profile. HR is the voice of the company. He should explain every possible detail to make the selection process transparent.

Skill Check

Gauging the skills of the candidate is very important. First and foremost, the recruiter should understand what skills are necessary for a certain profile. You will find people who have mentioned lots of skills in the resume and never have used it. If a recruiter doesn’t’t understand the technicality of a profile then he will never be able to pick the best resume.

Being a recruitment team, it is very important to have the right person searching for the right profile. Otherwise, you will lose talented and qualified candidates, and choose the wrong candidate for your company.

Improper Screening Process

A recruiter should be precise with the questions he asks during the screening of a candidate. Several people apply for a certain job, your questions are the only way to find out the best in them. Some recruiters don’t ask the real-time or situational questions. They only ask what kind of projects they handled and how. Situational and real-time questions are very important to gauge their adaptability, competitiveness and dedication towards their work. One should not choose someone whose resume looks attractive but choose someone who has the desired skills and experience. If you just go by appearances, there may be a chance that you miss a talented candidate just because his resume was not attractive enough. There are many instances which prove this, a guy working for Five years, the reason for his company’s profits, not picked because his resume is not attractive.

Lack of Backup Candidate

Whenever you are looking to hire a candidate for some profile, you should not focus on just one candidate. There are many instances that the candidate didn’t’t like the pay offered or denied relocation. The backup candidate works as an asset, and this way you will always have an important resource in your kitty. We all know that you will always get matching requirements. These backup candidates reduce your efforts and help you not to lose an important resource. Many companies have lost a talented professional simply because they have not considered a backup candidate in their plan.

Final Analysis

Hiring a new employee can be tiring and time-consuming but it is something you should not take lightly. With proper planning, one can get the best talents for their companies. We have mentioned above the top five reasons how your company drives the best talents away while hiring. This will give you an idea of ​​where you are lagging behind. Furthermore, if you want to conduct your hiring process effectively then we recommend outsourcing a recruitment team.

 A great company becomes great only when every employee understands its importance.

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