What’s the definition of your perfect hiring or recruitment strategy? One that is well-defined and doesn’t change at any cost? Or one that is flexible and adapts to company’s changing demands, market fluctuations, and current trends? If you follow a rigid hiring process, chances are you will not attract top talents and may make a wrong hire, which is going to cost you thousands of dollars at the end.

Recruiting the perfect candidate with perfect skills in today’s changing market is difficult. According to a recent survey by an HR outsourcing services company, 50% of human resource professionals say that they are not able to find the right candidate for the current openings. But on the other hand, 32% of workers are looking for a job change in 2019. What do these two stats indicate? It means HR managers are too rigid in their quest to hire the ‘perfect’ candidate for a particular position. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect candidate.’ The main goal of any hiring process should be to hire the best suitable candidate in less time and at low cost. Flexibility is the solution. Here are the three ways to add flexibility to your hiring process:

Create a Candidate Persona

Transferring a vacancy to a job advertisement is not the right way to start the recruitment process. Create a candidate persona by answering the 4Ws questions: Who, What, Where and Why (not).

  • Find an answer to WHO: Candidate’s current position, academic background, experience, etc.
  • Then look for WHAT: What makes this candidate fit for your company, such as personality, habits, and values
  • Check out his or her interests, skillsets, and hobbies etc.
  • And finally, answer one simple question: WHY would he or she (not) work for your organization?

Candidate person guides your HR professionals and make your hiring process easier. You save time in hiring one candidate for a particular position. Imagine the time you could save in hiring 100s or 1000s of employees!

  1. Hire HR Recruitment Services

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from HR recruitment services. Companies providing HR outsourcing services focus on understanding your business’s needs to find the most qualified candidates. They can help you fill any position within 2-3 day turnaround.

HR recruitment firms conduct skills-based assessments, personality tests and cognitive tests to find the most suitable candidates for a given position. From initial interview, screening, final interview scheduling to background verification, they can help you with everything, saving HR managers hours of time. And the added advantage of hiring HR recruitment services, the company can help you manage employee benefits, payroll administration and offer valuable HR insights.

  1. Improve Your Communication

For jobseekers, the most intimidating and frustrating part of changing a job is the interview process that lacks proper communication. Improve your communication process in every aspect, right from how you will contact the candidate, what they can expect during the interview, and on-boarding process. If you as an HR manager or your organization look for the soft skills – communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and time management – in candidates, then job seekers too expect the same from you. So here is how to include flexibility in your communication methods:

  • Don’t just reply on email; look into different communication channel like SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Go for video interviews. Both active and passive candidates love the convenience of pre-recorded video interviews
  • Conduct phone screening early in the morning or late in the evening
  • Be transparent with the candidate and be understanding about candidate’s last-minute emergencies

These communication methods will show that you respect their time and can create a good image of your organization among candidates.


Recruiting in any industry is a very challenging task. Evaluate your hiring process and stop it from being out-dated by adopting flexible hiring methods mentioned above. By creating a candidate persona, hiring HR recruitment services, and improving communication methods, you can attract good candidates, save time and money, and have greater latitude in choosing your future employees.