We have the expertise to identify the right combination of skills that is needed by our media and entertainment clients. Our clientele includes top advertising agencies, media houses and the market leaders of the entertainment industry. We have a proven track record of executive searches, talent mapping and offering recruiting solutions to our clients. We have the expertise across all segments, including broadcasting, publishing, film and music production.

Some of the positions that we focus on  –

  • Marketing executive
  • Tele- marketing executive
  • Site marketing Advertising executive
  • Client Servicing executive
  • Key Account Manager
  • Account Director
  • Creative Director
  • Product Executive
  • Product /Brand Manager
  • Business Alliances Manager
  • Creative Art Director
  • Visualizer Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Researcher
  • MR Field Supervisor
  • PR Executive
  • PR&Media Relations Mgr
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Head

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