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Globalization, growth in new technologies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have increased competition in the IT industry. Indian companies are making huge investments in new processes, new technologies, and new people to maintain relevance and stay ahead of the competition. But unfortunately, any investment in new things won’t provide returns unless companies have employees with the right skills for the right job. The need of the hour is a skilled workforce to match the evolving work environment. However, the skill gap is disrupting hiring in the IT industry. Being the best placement agency, we are being asked by many of our clients about how to bridge the hiring and skills gap in the IT industry. So here we have created this blog for all our clients and readers to help them know how to hire the best employees with the right skills even when the tech skills gap is increasing.

According to IBM’s report, The Enterprise Guide for Closing the Skills Gap, “After being on the back burner for a few years, people skills are among the top three external forces CEOs expect to impact the business, just behind technology and market factors.”

Indian IT Industry and Skills Gap

In India, only 4.69% of the workforce is formally skilled, as compared to 52 percent in the US, 80% in Japan, and 96% in South Korea. This means India is facing a huge skill development challenge. What is the reason behind this huge skills gap?

  1. Outdated Education System: The education system of India has not been able to keep pace with the changing business needs and technological advancement. The colleges and universities are following an outdated curriculum that deals with old technologies. We do not have proper education institutions that provide degrees and practical knowledge of AI, cloud computing, big data, IoT, etc. The government can strengthen incentives to educational institutes that harness digital technology and new business models.
  2. No Learning Development Programs: Presently, only 5% of Indian students opt for vocational training and learning programs in comparison to 60-80% of students worldwide. In organizations, there are no continuous learning opportunities for employees. This prevents the up-skilling and re-skilling of employees. Organizations need to develop innovative learning programs to help their workers build comprehensive skill sets that are in high demand.

3 Ways Recruiters Can Help You Tackle Skills Gap

When there is a huge skills gap, it becomes difficult to hire top talents for the specific job. This results in an increase in time-to-hire and cost-to-hire. If you don’t want to waste time, money, and efforts in hiring talented candidates for open positions in your company, hire the best placement agency. Their recruiters will help you tackle the skills gap problem in the following ways:

  1. Create Better Job Descriptions

Candidates take 49 seconds to read a job description and dismiss it if they are not interested in it. Therefore, descriptions for highly skilled jobs need to be clearly written. It should not be dull, boring, or have a negative tone. When a job description has senior-level duties added to a mid-level vacancy, it creates confusion but not a talent pipeline. Experienced recruiters of the best placement agency like Perito know how to write a job description that attracts several interested candidates. They talk to the interested candidates directly to increase your brand’s awareness and convince the potential candidates that your company is the best option for their career.

  1. Proactive Talent Pipeline

Best placement agencies have proactive recruiting pipelines built over many years. Proactive recruitment is the process of screening, shortlisting, and engaging with candidates ahead of hiring demand. A proactive approach will furnish you with more successful results in terms of reducing time-to-hire and candidate experience. You won’t have to wait for months to hire a candidate when there is an urgent need. Recruiters at placement firms have a talent pipeline ready for you. Just screen the best candidates and hire the top talent who has the skills you are looking for.

  1. Help You With Flexi Hiring

It has been found that an average worker clocks up 10,000 hours of unpaid overtime in their working life. That’s why the majority of millennials today and most workers demand flexibility in their jobs. Top talents with top skills are hard to find if they want an employer who offers flexible working hours. Having a work-life balance and a happier workplace is a huge consideration for many job seekers these days. The best placement firms in India offer contract staffing and Flexi hiring services to help you find skilled candidates who want flexible working policies. With contract or Flexi staffing, you get to hire highly talented workers who have advanced-level certification and knowledge, without increasing your headcount and overall expense.


The skills gap is rising in India and globally. Partner with the best placement agency in India to deal with the skills gap and tackle the biggest recruitment challenges.

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