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The year 2019 has been good for the global labor market despite struggles associated with finding qualified candidates and filling positions on time. The top concern for employers as of now is attracting and retaining top talents.

In a candidate-driven market, it is critical for organizations, hiring professionals, and recruiters to learn the trends that can change the way they hire candidates at what cost and in how much time. In this blog, we will discuss the top trends for 2019 we believe will shape the recruitment process, plus the challenges faced by recruiters.

Top Recruitment Challenges

  1. Attracting Top Talents

In 2019, job openings are high but unemployment rate is low. There is a tough competition for attracting top talents. Candidates are looking for employers with a brand name, good reputation, and one that offers good package, benefits, and work-life balance. Make sure your organization ticks all these requirements to make a quality hire.

  1. Poor Candidate Experience

Candidates often drop the interview process in the middle because of poor experience with an employer. Nearly 4 in 5 candidates say the experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its employees. 72% of candidates also share their experience on employer review sites such as and even on LinkedIn.

Candidate experience can change their mind for a role or position for better or worse. Your recruiters must know how to handle candidate queries, communicate with them at every stage, and onboard them after joining your company.

  1. Lengthy Interview Process

60% of job seekers quit a job application when it is lengthy or complex. Candidates feel annoyed when it takes too long during the interview process.

Sometimes, companies notify candidates of their application status after one month or more. Candidates are unavailable by then.

When you hire HR outsourcing services, you get to streamline the recruitment process and decrease your time to hire. HR outsourcing providers have experienced recruiters who communicate with your candidates at every step, thus improving candidate experience.

Top Recruitment Trends

  1. Employer Branding

A recent research by LinkedIn has found that 75% of job seekers do their own research to better understand their prospective employer even before applying for a position in a particular company.

Build out employee testimonials as a social proof for your company’s reputation on the job market. Reward the employees who share your branding content on their social media channels. Leverage these testimonials for marketing your company and recruiting top talents.

Another way to win the employer branding game is to hire a reliable HR outsourcing services provider. They utilize their marketing tactics to differentiate your company from others and attract higher-quality applicants and increase your candidate conversion rate.

  1. Recruitment Technology

As technology proliferates, so does the world of recruitment. Your HR team could not get away with Artificial Intelligence if they want to hire more qualified candidates, keeping costs to a minimum.

You can use AI-based recruiting tools to filter and prescreen candidates and to reduce your recruiters’ workload. You can leverage videos to post job ads, assess candidates, onboard new hires, or market your brand.

  1. Flexible Workforce

NASDAQ perdicts that 43% of the workforce will work either full-time or part-time in the freelancing arena in 2020. Today’s market demands a flexible workforce which consists of a combination of full-timers, contract employees, temporary employees, freelancers, contractors, and everything in-between.

Just like diversity and inclusion initiatives have provided many benefits to organizations in 2018, hiring flexible workforce is going to provide you rewards in the years to come. Your company can start hiring flexible workforce to compete with non-traditional jobs, promote employee satisfaction, retain existing employees, and support your future innovations.


The recruitment process is constantly evolving with the changing workforce and increase in competition in the job market. With an increased pressure on businesses to find the right people in a short time and improve candidate experience and application process, it’s important to work with an experienced HR outsourcing services agency in your industry.

Your HR outsourcing company will know the latest trends that affect the recruiting industry and can help you integrate those trends into your existing process so that you can hit your hiring goals in 2019 and beyond.

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