Contract Staffing Services Agency

Today’s employment world is driven by shared workspaces, freelancers, expat consultants, temporary workers, and contractors. In fact, big giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Uber employ thousands of contract workers to do a number of job functions such as writing, coding, testing, data analysis and much more. Google’s contract workers outnumbers its direct employees in 2018. In Canada, 13.6% of the workforce was comprised of contract workers in 2017 and the number is increasing every year. This trend isn’t only in the US or UK, but has become a worldwide trend right now.

As a contract staffing services agency, we know the hiring market is crazy competitive. There is a huge demand for talented candidates but shortage of supply. Companies are willing to hire contract employees and temp workers more than permanent employees. Here are the reasons why your company should also consider hiring contract workers.

Cost Saving

In many instances, hiring a permanent employee may cost you more than contract staff. Contract There are many costs, apart from the basic salary, that you have to take into account when hiring a permanent worker, like insurance policy, healthcare fee, PF, pension, training, etc. There are still other factors that you must consider such as redundancy packages, sick day, productivity decline, and administrative costs.

When you will calculate the true cost of employing a permanent worker, it will be more than the fee of contract staff or somewhat similar. While you may have to pay a little more to contract employees, but you won’t have to commit to their payroll and other benefits.

On-Demand Hiring

One of the perks of hiring contractors is that you can hire the best of the best candidates with specific skills required for your ongoing or upcoming project. You can terminate the contract once the project is complete.

Contract workers tend to have more experience and expertise. This is where working with a contract staffing service agency is huge bonus. Contract staffing companies have a pool of talented candidates who are always looking for good opportunities. They can provide you the right talents with the right skills on a short notice. You can hire a contract worker with most in-demand skills and get him or her started in a role without wasting time and money on training.

More Flexibility

Another benefit of hiring contract workers is the flexibility it provides. If your company has seasonal work or fluctuating workload, contractors are the way to go. This is eventually better than hiring permanent employees because when you have limited projects with your company, there will be not need to cut staff numbers. Additionally, you can engage contractors to lower the burden of any department when the need arises.

Hiring contract employees provide another benefit, which is, “try before you engage them on a permanent basis.” You can hire a contractor to see if they are a good fit for that position and your business culture on a long-term basis.

When you should hire contractors?

  1. If you are finding it difficult to fill certain positions, hire contract staff for those roles.
  2. If you have a number of short-term projects on the pipeline, hiring contractors is a smart decision.
  3. When you are looking for certain skills required in one project, go for contract staffing.
  4. When you are looking to save costs on payroll and want to maintain a certain headcount in your company, then hiring contractors would be beneficial for you.


Hiring different types of employees is the best way to fulfill your labor needs at an optimal cost. Hiring contract or permanent employees have their own benefits. Your recruitment strategy should fit your business goals and budget.

Perito works with qualified contract workers. These candidates have experience of working in diverse fields and new technologies. We have placed many talented contractors in leading organizations and they have proven their value over and over again. If you are looking to hire contract employees, we can help you find the perfect candidate for the given role. Contact us today!