Contract labour has been in existence for a long time, but it is now becoming more standard even in white-collar jobs. Contract recruitment is advantageous for both businesses and employees. Establishments have the flexibility of finding people for short tasks, while talented employees get to chart out a distinct career path by increasingly managing more challenging and higher positions in diverse companies.

Our temporary staffing facilities will let your company staff up or down depending on the requirements of your current business cycle. Temporary staffing allows you to bring down your costs on hiring, training and providing benefits to new employees, along with the managerial costs of the HR division. It also lets you give a break to your permanent staff who may be burdened during busy periods.

Highlights of our temporary staffing services:-

  • Temporary employees who will be on our rolls.
  • Standard contractual measures that we will handle.
  • Payroll and personnel management.
  • Legal compliance, payment of statutory wages, and other related administration.
  • Worker registration under ESIC & EPF schemes.

Approach us when you need people for a short-term, a particular project, or to tide over your periodic staffing requirements.