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Perito as a Contract Staffing Agency provides companies access to larger talent pools. Perito is always recruiting and provides high-quality candidates depending on the specific requirements of your project.


What is Contract Staffing?

Contract Staffing, also known as temporary staffing or contingent staffing, is a method of recruiting required staff on contract.

Contract Staffing offers flexibility to the companies and in contract staffing, the association between company and employee lasts for a fixed duration, and often the contract between employer and contractor is open to renewal subject to the performance of the contractor.

The duration of the contract is flexible, which makes it a very viable cost-effective option.

Why Contract Staffing?

The contingent employment industry is traditionally and conventionally a leading indicator of post-recession economic conditions and a reliable predictor of future employment progressions and trends. Cautious and prudent employers hire temps first, hedging their bets on a recovery, recognizing it is easier to scale back if demand does not materialize. This cycle is no different, except that this time employer’s strategy is to maintain a larger segment of their workforce as contract employees even after business recovers.

Contractual Staffing isprogressively becoming popular because of its benefits to workers and employers.

During the recession of 2008, employers learned to refocus on their core business, realizing that a smaller core workforce that was well trained and technologically astute, insightful and discerning was more effective, skillfuland nimble than their pre-recession staff. As companies emerged from the recession they were, of course, beginning to hire full time staff but they were also seeing a greater role for highly skilled and experienced contract workers who could be engaged on an as-needed basis.


Why organizations hire short-term contractors?

There are numerous reasons as to why organizations hire short-term contractors instead of hiring a full-time permanent employee. It could be because your company has too many deadlines or maybe you are short-staffed, but at some point, contract staffing is required. The traditional,time-honored,long-established hiring system puts forward some disadvantages like long-term considerations, when hiring a full-time employee which can affect the process of selecting a candidate, whereas in contract staffing the long-term considerations are eliminated and less time is taken to choose the candidate.

Temporary Staffing Vs Contract Staffing:

Contract staffing differs from temporary staffing in the sense that the contract staffing is done for each individual position and not for the function as whole. Contract employees are individually chosen and hence are generally more experienced and more professional.

The association between the organization and the employee lasts for fixed duration and is often subject to renewal. Contract staffing helps companies add to the workforce selectively and judiciously in specific areas. Although Professional Services or PS in Human Resource Contracting is a moderately new concept in India, the Professional Services market is fast evolving and maturing and catching up with the changing industry trends. Though only at 16.3%, it is a fairly significant share considering population and workforce ofIndia but Indian companies still need to catch up on contract staffing when we compare theuse of contract staffingfigures with the figures of the USA and Europe.

Why Use Temporary Staffing / Contract Staffing Services by Perito:

Perito proudly offers flexible staffing services in India. In current market scenario, many companies in India and across the world are leveraging the services of staffing companies to gain access to talent and adjust their workforce based on the cyclical needs of their ever-changing and dynamic business. Perito offers contract staffing services, contract-to-hireservices, temporary staffing services and permanent staffing solutions to quickly increase and decrease your workforce.

Contract staffing services by Perito enable companies to fill short-term hiring needs for qualified employees. Companies across the world rely on temporary staffing agency to support upcoming projects with set and strict deadlines, take care of seasonal requirements and reduce their headcount during slow periods. Hiring workforce on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper and desired staff levels at all times and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs.

Perito provides contract staffing services across India. Perito provides Contract Staffing Services in Noida, Contract Staffing Services in Hyderabad, Contract Staffing Services in Gurgaon, Contract Staffing Services in Delhi and Contract Staffing Services in Chennai.

It is vital and significant for any company to maintain a team of the most appropriate and suitable employees who will always give their best in order to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) for the company thus enhancing its profits and markets. With a growing number of important and critical projects required to be completed within set deadlines in companies, many human resource departments are finding it worthwhile and advantageous to hire workforce on a contractual basis. It is an established fact that many companies cannot boast of having on its board all employees with the necessary and needed experience and skills in order to complete specific projects in the targeted time frame. Furthermore, companies have to often deal with irregular and fluctuating work-loads, absenteeism and shortages of staff. The best way to encounter such obstacles is to reach out for qualified,competent,capable,efficient and experienced professionals on a contract basis. Perito provides top contract staffing services to IT and non-IT companies all over India and across the world. The agency prides itself in thoroughly understanding your corporate requirements and making available to you, manpower as per your contract requirements.

Perito’s meticulous, precise and professional screening process filters all applicants and provides only the top talented and skilled candidates that are the right fit for your job description and which perfectly suit your business requirements.

Perito helps you in the hiring process by delivering pioneering contract staffing solutions that are competitive and ambitious enough to suit the varying requirements of the corporate offices. The duration and the terms of such contracts may vary greatly, but, rest assured, Perito as a Contract Staffing Solution Company does ensure the speediest supply of the proper and correct pool of exceptional and extraordinary candidates.

So, if you require employees on contract basis anywhere in India and across the world, do contact Perito Staffing Solution Company. All that you need to do is to send Perito the details of your contract project along with expectations of skill levels and experience of the candidates and leave the rest to Perito!

Contract Staffing Means A Large Cost reduction:

Candidates hired on fixed –term contract delivers the desired result in a project within a stipulated time.

Contract Staffing also means easier maintenance of the payroll processes as well as getting employees who are equipped to handle special and uncommon roles.

When companies decide to work with these contractors, they eliminate many payroll and benefits expenses, rework project budgets to accommodate the temporary hire, and reduce or eliminate many administrative and other expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities. Furthermore, many contractors only receive pay for the time they work. If contractors don’t come in, the client isn’t accountable and obligated for paid time off.

Contract Staffing Services by Perito:

Perito Staffing is an expert Contract Staffing Agency and HR Consultancy that offers contract staffing services to its clients PAN INDIA. Perito is one of the leading contract staffing recruiters for the industries who needs manpower.

Temporary staff meanssubstantial savings and enhanced productivity for your company. Whether you wish to hire a small team or full-fledged department you may count Perito Staffing Services as the best contract staffing agency in India

Perito Staffing is a popular Contract Staffing Services Company that caters to all your contract staffing needs anywhere in India.

What establishes Perito as an INDUSTRY LEADER: 

Perito Staffing Services provides the first-rate Contract Staffing Services and Temporary Staffing Services in India. Whatever may be your manpower requirement in any branch of IT or non-IT department, Perito is more than happy to fulfill the same with the right fit of talented professionals at the right time.  Perito goes out of its way to completely comprehend the type of candidates that will match your contract needs, sift through its huge database and select the best professional staff. Perito uses highly-qualified and experienced staffers to spot the right candidate for each project, customizing and personalizing selections to the unique and unparalleled needs of each project. Thus, it goes without saying that Perito always endeavor to give you such contractual workforce that will unquestionably not only match up to your expectations but also be profitable to your organization, to deliver as required.

Perito Staffing is the most respectable, reputable and reliable Contract Staffing Solutions Company in India. Perito matches your exclusive requirements of contract staffing anywhere in India. PeritoStaffing Services connects the best ambitious, aspiring, and accomplished candidates with your best contractual requirements.  And the consolidation of the two would surely be a prime force of the best business output!

One of the leading temporary staffing agencies in India, Perito provides employers around the world, skilled,cost-effective, experienced and efficient employees who will be able to perform the required job roles and responsibilities. It is important for the companies to look for the expert service providers who are able to maintain perfect liaison between the employers as well as the contractors. The demand for contractor staffing agency has increased as many industries round the world do not want to take the liability associated with hiring manpower on its payroll.

  • Perito isIndia’s top ranked contract recruitment agency. Perito follows a methodized, meticulous, thorough and extensive process in the recruitment of your temporary candidates for your business.
  • Contractors for a short-term role gives businesses the much-needed FLEXIBILITY.
  • Recruitment team of Perito has years of experience in handling different industry requirements for contractual recruitment.
  • Perito has an updated and well-maintained data of candidates who are willing to work on a temporary basis and can handle diverse roles.
  • They have expertise in assessing the need and the immediate objective of the business and providing a line-up of effective, industrious, energetic and productive candidates.


Discover more about Perito Staffing’s Contract Staffing Process.

Contract Staffing Recruiters:

Providing Contract Staffing Services to Recruiters, Companies & Businesses

Perito is a Contract Staffing Agency and Temporary Staffing Agency that offers customized , unparalleled and unmatched temporary staffing services for global recruiters, companies, and businesses across the world .Apart from the contract staffing jobs in India ,Perito also undertake contract staffing and contract recruitment projects from Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Bahrain, the Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and Yemen.


Advantages of Using Perito’sContract Staffing Services:

  • Perito Contract Staffing Services is a quicker option than hiring permanent staff on your payroll.Hiring contractors saves you time. Perito as a temporary recruitment agency and contract staffing agency takes care of screening, multiple interviews, compensation negotiation, notice given for resignation, background checks etc.
  • If companies are not satisfied with any employee’s performance, they only need to inform Perito and he/ she will be immediately replaced with a better fit.
  • Hiring for contract staff through PeritoIncreases Company’s flexibility for increasing or reducing staff as per business needs. The major advantage of Contract Staffing is the Flexibility it gives to the companies. Contract Staff gives companies the flexibility to respond to market scenarios appropriately.
  • Part-time and full-time employee hiring puts a significant amount of liability on the shoulders of the employer. While employers are still responsible for reasonable safety and security, they can reduce liabilities associated with permanent employees including workers’ compensation and labour law compliances.


Contract Staffing Solutions is Very Advantageous and Great Utility for Companies:

The companies are benefited by recruiting temporary positions. Many business objectives are addressed through them. If you are planning to hire IT professionals, recruiters, sales, managers, administrative, support on contract then Perito can help you with.

With quality research and the use of the latest cutting-edge technology, Perito’s trained recruitment professionals work to provide customized solutions for your contract staffing needs. After proper screening and high standard interviews, Perito selects rare gems for your company.

Why choose Contract Staffing Services by Perito:

There are many staffing agencies in the market who provide contract staffing services. Still, Perito is the vendor of choice to many companies. Perito is proud of the fact that 83 percent of its clients are with it since last five years or more.

The following are the reasons which will make it easier for you to choose Perito as an agency for contract recruitment.

  • Perito offers the services at rates that can be very difficult for other recruitment agencies to match. Its rates are best in the industry. Its competitive rates and matchless services are the reason, companies use their services again and again.
  • Perito has a large pool of proprietary database for getting the right contract manpower for different industries.Perito can provide contract manpower at any location in the world.
  • You can rest assured that Perito will provide you high-quality personnel for your contract manpower needs. Some of Perito’s contract staff can be as talented and as qualified as your permanent staff.
  • Perito has an outstanding track record of providing contract manpower to a large number of companies. Companies from different industries and different countries, take manpower from Perito on a temporary basis as and when required.
  • Perito supplies the requested contract manpower heads to you in record time. Perito understands that delay at its end would mean a delay in your entire project. Perito never allows this to happen.
  • Getting contact manpower for projects at odd locations is never a problem for Perito. Perito always supplies qualified and experienced staff as per the requirements.


Some of the reasons cited by companies for wanting to pursue adding contract placement to current business offerings include:

Companies often go for contract placement services when they have projects of short duration or when projects are not going well and companies want to see how things plan out before hiring staff on permanent rolls.

Companies want to ‘test’ new workers, and they don’t want to pay all the benefits full-time employees are entitled to. By hiring contract staff, companies save a lot of money.

Hiring contractors also helps companies reduce legal cost as well as legal risks because most of the liability for complying with employment and labour laws falls on the contracting agency.

Current Industry Trends in use of IT Contract Workers:

Managing a contract workforce is an important task for IT companies. IT Recruitment Agencies andIT Staffing Agencies, the Internet, and efficient vendor management systems are making the job easier, but IT managers and HR managers still need to find the proper and appropriate balance between full-time employees and temporary workforce. Today, a few companies are making aggressive use of contractors, even relying on independent contractors for more than half of the workforce. Still some organizations make little or no use of contractors and temporary employees but the trend of hiring contract staff is fast catching up.

In the typical IT Company today, though, about 5% to 10 % of the IT staff is composed of contract workers. The use of contract workers differs from company to company. Large organizations make more use of contract workers than smaller organizations. The dotcom bust and subsequent recession caused many organizations to rely on contract labour rather than hiring a permanent workforce. Overall, however, the balance between contract labor and full-time employees has remained relatively stable for most of the organizations.


In the IT industry, earlier the positions that were largely outsourced were employees at the entry-level like junior programmers, software engineers, testers, tech support, networking, and system engineers, but things have changed since last 2-3 years. IT companies have started hiring qualified contract resources even for mid-level and senior consultant positions also. This shift has widened the horizon of contract staffing which earlier was very narrow and hence was not given the importance IT Contract Staffingdeserved.

When bringing in the best talent is the goal, working with an IT Contract Staffing Agency and IT Recruitment Agency that understands your industry, has a good database of top qualified candidates, and has your company’s best interest in mind, can provide you with the competitive edge to hire the best performers in your industry, whether on a permanent or contract basis. As entities that remain current on constantly changing contract labor regulations and handling payroll and other back-office responsibilities, staffing agencies take much of the risk out of contract staffing, while helping you implement effective and efficient recruitment strategies.


Contract Staffing has a unique process and works according to the requirements of the client company. The process of Contract Staffing is very advantageous and favorable to companies who lookout to complete tasks at a particular deadline. We at Perito understand the importance and significance of Contract Staffing and help companies get the right contractors for their work to get completed on time.

At Perito, we match the right candidates with the right companies every time. Whether you’re ready for a direct-hire or interested in trying out a contract staffer, Perito has the capacity and capability to deliver highly qualified candidates so you can focus on strategic business goals. 


Partner with a recruitment agency and staffing company that has expertise as a single-source solution provider for contract and permanent assignments.

For effective and affordable contract staffing services, contact Perito today!

Contact team Perito today to get started.


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