Temporary to hire – This is also usually referred to as “temp-to-perm”. For companies, it is akin to hiring temporary help except that the client will hire a temporary employee with the intention of evaluating the aspirant for consideration as a member of their permanent workforce. The benefit is that a client company can try out the candidate before employing him or her. 

Contract-to-hire services offer benefits to both employers and applicants.   In this process, the applicant begins work as an employee of Perito (as all contractors do), and then transfers to becoming a permanent employee of the client upon agreement between Perito and the client.

What are the main reasons to use a contract-to-hire option?

Enhanced access to expertise in hard-to-find disciplines.  Creating your own pool of qualified and interested candidates can be slow and challenging.  Perito has access to a wider range of candidates and the expertise to ensure that they fit your needs before you interview them.

Reduced recruiting costs. You spend your time assessing only the best candidates – and only bring them on your payroll after you have confirmed that they are the right fit.  This naturally decreases your costs overall by ensuring that you don’t have upfront costs on an aspirant who doesn’t fit on a long-term basis.

A significant decrease in employment-related issues. With Perito managing the initial recruiting and the contract hiring period, you have less to manage or worry about.  We handle the paperwork and any conversions related to the position and candidate.

Transfer of difficult HR, logistical and statutory compliance duties to a provider who understands these issues and has developed procedures to effectively lessen risk.  We are the experts at finding great candidates as well as running the responsibilities related to the agreement and hiring process.   You can rest assured that we will handle the complexities of any issues so that you and your team don’t have to.

When one of our candidates is converted to a permanent full-time worker, we consider it the best compliment that our clients can pay us because it corroborates the quality of the performance we strive hard to deliver. Every contract-to-hire worker is motivation to keep providing you with the finest quality staffing services.

Some of our clients want the choice of a permanent full-time employee but with the guarantee of getting precisely the right professional for their position and company culture. Perito will help you plan and attain this staffing solution that is helpful to you, the client, and the industry professional.

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